Karma-Slapped (Again!)

I got well and truly karma-slapped yesterday.  I shopped in my local super superior supermarket, Booths, and then went downstairs to their cafe to claim my free cup of tea (with my loyalty card).  As usual I offered my card but was told I had to buy a cake or a biscuit to qualify for the free drink.  I never ever eat either.  In great high dudgeon I said as much to the member of staff.  I then paid over my £2.15 feeling extremely virtuous.  That feeling didn’t last long.  As I sat down I realised I could have bought a biscuit for 80p which I could then have given to the hungry pigeons I had been chatting with in the Market Square half an hour before.  Doh!  So, a lapse in mindfulness (it happens often) and my out of control ego cost me £1.35, the pigeons went hungry and hot water would have had more flavour than my cup of tea. Lynden 0, Karma Lost Count

What are the benefits of Mediterranean diets?

Really interesting informative article


A diet high in fat, carbohydrates and wine has been shown to lengthen life expectancy and lower rates of cardiovascular disease. Want to know more? Numerous studies have found the Mediterranean diet to be the healthiest, but what do they do differently?

People have been programmed to fear fat, brainwashed with fat free products and the latest diet trends (As shown in the blog linked below). However, here is a little secret, which is not so secret. Fat is good, if tips are taken from the Mediterranean’s. It shows a diet high in ‘good’ fat, is more beneficial in reducing cardiovascular diseases, than a fat restricting diet. (Edelstein, 2014).

Their diet consists of fresh plant based produce, grains and good fats, with more than half of their daily fat consumption coming from olive oil (See food pyramid). This is rich in Oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid which promotes antioxidant…

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