Karma-Slapped (Again!)

I got well and truly karma-slapped yesterday.  I shopped in my local super superior supermarket, Booths, and then went downstairs to their cafe to claim my free cup of tea (with my loyalty card).  As usual I offered my card but was told I had to buy a cake or a biscuit to qualify for the free drink.  I never ever eat either.  In great high dudgeon I said as much to the member of staff.  I then paid over my £2.15 feeling extremely virtuous.  That feeling didn’t last long.  As I sat down I realised I could have bought a biscuit for 80p which I could then have given to the hungry pigeons I had been chatting with in the Market Square half an hour before.  Doh!  So, a lapse in mindfulness (it happens often) and my out of control ego cost me £1.35, the pigeons went hungry and hot water would have had more flavour than my cup of tea. Lynden 0, Karma Lost Count

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